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ProTech loose action figure stands (made for Star Wars figures, but fit many others also)

Loose Action Figure Stands for Star Wars Figures

These action figure stands are designed for use with all 3.75" Star Wars figures. These stands work by placing the figures on the peg of the stand. These stands work well by themselves or with our loose action figure stand up cases (see below). Available in vintage style with larger pegs or POTF2 version with smaller pegs.

These stands may also work with many other action figures. So far we've been told that these stands (in the vintage size) work for GI Joe 3 3/4" figures, and Super Powers figures. If you know of any other figures that will work with these stands, please report it to us by email and we'll list it here so that your fellow collectors can benefit.

Now available in clear, as well as the original black.

Dimensions: 2" diameter.

Features: acid free.

Star Wars Action Figure Stands - Vintage

Star Wars Action Figure Stands - Vintage
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Star Wars Action Figure Stands - POTF2
Available in clear or black

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