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Production of milk glass products dates back into the early 1800's, and began as an economical alternative to porcelain tableware.

The ease of shaping milk glass led early on to the design of all shapes and types of glass products, and collectors of milk glass items have no lack of possibilities to pursue their hobby.

Milk glass is an opaque glass (cannot be seen through), originally the approximate color of whole white milk. By the early 1900's, milk glass was used in everything from jars to fine candelabra. Around that time, different colors, such as paler white, blue, pink, green, and more varieties began to appear.

Because there is such a huge variety of items available, milk glass collectors often focus on specific niches, such as bottles, lamps, dishes, vases, store jars, American or Depression glass tableware, specific manufacturers such as Westmoreland or Fenton, the possibilities are virtually endless. Early Victorian milk glass pieces can command prices in the thousands of dollars, but collectors on a budget can also find plenty available.

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