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Protectors for CD's and DVD's

Important Note For Customers Outside the U.S.: Due to the latest USPS rate and structure changes, our shopping cart is unable to calculate international shipping charges. Please send me an email with the items and quantities desired, and I'll figure the charges manually. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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C-shell CD clamshell
Sold out.

CD Clamshells (C-Shells)
The original protector for your data and music CD's and DVD's

This is the original protective case, one of the most popular on the market today. Simply insert the CD or DVD and snap shut, you can do it with one hand. Nine CD clamshells take up the space of just four jewel cases, saving over 50% space. Mailing out CD's? The CD clamshell saves more postage than the cost of the clamshell, so they pay for themselves. Virtually unbreakable, once you get one, you'll never use a jewel case again!

Sold individually - Prices:

1+ - .35 each
50+ - .32 each
200+ - .30 each

Bulk pricing:
(sold in cases of 500)
500+ .28 each
2000 + .27 each
(plus the large order discount brings down the price even more!)


C-shell CD clamshell colors
Available for immediate shipment, click below to order!
Sold out.

CD Clamshells (C-shells)
Also available in wild colors!

We also stock the translucent colors, organize your CD's however your mood strikes you. Exactly the same quality and weight as the clear clamshells.

Sold individually - Prices:
(in order to get quantity discounts, you must order quantities indicated of an individual color).

Closeout Prices:

15 cents each, limited quantities!


C-shell CD clamshell combo pack
Sorry, out of stock, not sure when more will be available.

Paper CD Window Envelopes

Display your CD with this attractive, low cost, lightweight, paper CD window envelope. There is no need for additional printing, the customer can see the printed surface of the CD through a clear 4 inch polyethylene window. The envelope itself is 5" wide by 5" high. The flap is 1 1/4 inch long.

Sold individually - Prices:

1+ - .10 each
50+ - .08 each
100+ - .07 each

Bulk pricing:
500+ - .06 each
case of 1000 - .05 each


C-shell CD clamshell combo pack
Sold out.

Plastic CD/DVD sleeve

This is of the most cost-effective software packaging products that we carry. This 5 X 5 inch plastic sleeve holds one CD and can be sealed if desired with a single sticky tab (not included). It is made of safe HDPE (high density polyethylene).

Sold individually - Prices:

1+ - .10 each
50+ - .08 each
100+ - .06 each

Bulk pricing:
500+ - .05 each
case of 2000 - .04 each


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